NegyhRâ is a versatile singer, actress, director, pedagogue and piano player that has explored different paths of expression during her artistic development. In this website she wants to present her different projects to the visitor .

Coming from a Persian origin and grown up in Germany, she has explored for years the traditional music in different parts of Mexico and the Afro-Colombian music in the Colombian Caribbean. Being always inspired by Flamenco chants, she is very influenced by it through her long residences in Madrid and Seville, where she actually studies Flamenco.

On her musical way, she was also supported by renowned singing teachers, such as Monika Kopp, Mamen Gallardo and Germana Giannini.

Though she is also a theater player, she has a very expressive way of using her voice. Emotions are the real motivation for her artistic activity. She catalyzes whatever invades her and transforms it into art, thus inviting the audience to travel with the groove of her soul. Poetry and storytelling are an important part of her performances.

She is formed as an actress in The Royal School Of Dramatic Arts of Madrid and in the Nouveau Colombier Mime & Physical Theatre School from José Piris. She develops pedagogical theatre work in the project Tombuctu Teatro. She works as a theatre pedagogue in social projects in Peru in the projects Quijote para la Vida, La escuela de Arte NYI, the NGO INFANT, in Colombia in Disparate Magdalena and with the children of Rio Cedro and in Costa Rica in the Circus Project Circo Fantazztico.

Long-term experience in somatic bodywork and mental training give her a very holistic vision of art.

In the following pages her works are described in detail.

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