Oayim is an unheard-of and intriguing creation of Flamenco, Worldmusic and original compositions, founded by Negyh Râ and Luqas Bonewitz. Enchanting, reciting, calling and sometimes whispering in Spanish, Farsi and German, Oayim takes the audience on a musical journey opening a gate towards a new unknown home.
Flying on the wings of poetry and immersing in the pulse of emotion, it creates rhythms and melodies, that remind of nostalgic worlds interwoven with a freshly shining light. Through this, Oayim intents to build vibrating bridges between cultures and languages, expressing identities and perspectives.
However, after all, it´s the mystery of music itself directly touching hearts and flowing through the spirits of the audience free from any mental concepts.

Find out more at: http://www.oayim.com

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